Powers: There Is a ‘Movement on the Left to Just Silence People’

Columnist and Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers declared “there is this movement on the left to just silence people” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“There is this movement on the left to just silence people. And it is — and people say ‘what about conservatives?’ Conservatives don’t have the cultural power in academia or media to silence anybody, even if they wanted to, and liberals do. And we saw in this situation, where what happened with this [Memories] Pizzeria owner is, they didn’t discriminate against anybody, they expressed a view that a group of people don’t like. And it happens not to be my view, I don’t agree with them, but they have a right to express that view” she stated.

Host Sean Hannity added, “I don’t like even Bill Maher, Bill Maher’s good for America, you know why? Cause he says everything he wants, and that’s healthy.”

Fellow Fox News Contributor and author Tammy Bruce added, “this isn’t new. We’ve seen this trajectory for a period of time, and what’s been shocking over the last week, that’s become quite clear, is the moving from a civil rights agenda, which was live, let live, let us live our lives, as we see fit, moving into a totalitarianism, which is…punishing people who disagree with you. And so, when we’ve seen this move, I think that it’s kind of natural, we’ve seen this from the left around the world go from liberalism to fascism, and I think that Americans, especially for those of us who care about the civil rights movements, everybody who cares about the civil rights movements, must condemn what’s been happening, and stand up for Christians now, in the name of what the civil rights movements in America have stood for.” And “for those of us who come from the liberal end of things, that we were there because we wanted individual freedom, and individual responsibility attached to that as well. This is clearly is the antithesis of that.”

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