Walker: Other GOP Candidates Haven’t Talked About Legal Immigration

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) said that other Republican candidates have not been talking about the legal immigration system and protecting American wages and jobs in an interview broadcast on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“The biggest, most compelling argument against the would-be Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton is to talk about how she embodies Washington. It’s not just being out of touch from everyday Americans. It’s she lives there…served started her career there in Washington. She embodies Washington” he stated.

When asked if he thought one-term Senators were not qualified to be president or whether being a one-term Senator would be a “deal breaker” for some candidates, Walker responded, “i think there’s some good people in the race. — When people say ‘Governor, foreign policy, how do you lift up to that?’ I say, in my lifetime, the best president when it comes to foreign policy, was a Governor of California. In my lifetime, the worst president when it comes to foreign policy was a freshman Senator from Illinois, so I don’t buy into this belief, that on foreign policy, or even on fiscal or economic policy, that one size fits all, that there’s a perfect mindset. What I think people want more than just a title, whether you’re a governor, senator, anybody else, is they want someone with  a proven track record, of someone who fights and who wins for the hardworking taxpayers.”

He concluded by discussing immigration, saying that while immigration wasn’t really on his radar when he first became Governor of Wisconsin, but that his position changed after talking to governors along border states and travelling to the border, he changed his position. Walker also argued that “one thing they’re [his fellow Republican prospective candidates] not saying, the other part of it is, we need to make sure that as part of that, any future legal immigration system [that] goes forward has to account for American citizens and the workers in this country and their wages to make sure that, even with legal immigration, we respond to it in a way that doesn’t take jobs away from hardworking Americans.”

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