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Keith Olbermann Rips Mayweather, Pacquiao, the Fight


During ESPN2’s “Olbermann” on Monday, host Keith Olbermann opened with a monologue saying that he told everybody to boycott the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and that they should have listened to him.

In the monologue, Olbermann ripped Mayweather for being a “cowardly beater of women” and Pacquiao for being a politician in the Philippines who opposes gay marriage, abortion and contraception, as well as all other aspects of the fight.

“What an embarrassment to mankind that fight was,” Olbermann said. “Even if Floyd Mayweather weren’t already a cowardly beater of women who shouldn’t have been in Las Vegas Saturday night unless he was on work release deal from prison, if Manny Pacquiao weren’t a strong-arming politician back home in the Philippines who has a remarkable hat trick of opposing gay marriage, abortion and contraception… there still should have been a boycott.”

“So after all this,” he continued, “from the indefensible embarrassment to everybody on the planet, from humans, to snakes, to amoebas, an embarrassment that went downhill from there, from this smell-a-thon begging for a boycott, I told you so, at least the Mayweather fan with the Ray Rice reference reminded us we all learned something which is that we all learned nothing.”

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