Steyn Pushes ‘Socialist Lunatic’ Warren 2016 Run: ‘She Comes by Her Socialism Honestly’

In an appearance on Tuesday’s broadcast of Hannity, Mark Steyn, co-author of “Climate Change: The Fact,” railed against the presidential candidacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Steyn decried Clinton’s pass from the media and suggested the candidacy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would be a refreshing change of pace.

“[Y]ou know, this is a joke and it is unbecoming,” Steyn said. “I’m happy to see — I would love Elizabeth Warren to run, not because she’s a socialist lunatic to my tastes, but she comes by her socialism honestly. Just as they’ve had female prime ministers across the world now from Canada to New Zealand and they’ve come by their socialism honestly. And what is at issue here is the corruption and entitlement. And at some point we have a ridiculous situation where the Clinton Foundation has no other purpose.”

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