Brooks: Joe Biden’s Idea To Divide Iraq Looks ‘Smarter and Smarter’

New York Times columnist David Brooks said that Joe Biden’s plan to split Iraq into three regions back in 2006 looks “like a smarter and smarter idea” on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks stated, “We tried — and I give Joe Biden credit. He’ll renounce it, but years and years ago, probably 2006, 2007, he had an idea for a loose federal Iraq. And that, in retrospect — that looks to me like a smarter and smarter idea. We have tried to keep this country together, but the Sunnis are not really sharing power with the — the Shias are not really sharing power with the Sunnis. They’re not willing to give the Sunni forces the weapons and other things they need to defeat ISIS. The political system is still fractured. The soldiers clearly do not believe in that country. The polling, ‘Do you feel like an Iraqi?’ That’s collapsing. And so I think it’s — we just have to accept — and it’s probably too late for us to have any real influence there — that it’s no longer a country that anybody is willing to die for, whereas the Islamic State, those people are willing to die for whatever cause they think they believe in.”

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