CNN’s Lemon: Liberals, Progressives ‘Most Easily Offended and the Least Tolerant’

In a commentary segment for Tom Joyner’s Thursday radio show, Don Lemon, host of “CNN Tonight” reacted to comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s recent series of remarks decrying political correctness and how the struggle not to offend people has hampered his and other comics’ abilities to perform.

Lemon said he was finding it necessary to walk that fine line in order to avoid being called “racist, bigots, stupid, dumb, sell outs” and named a group of people in particular who were the most likely to use those labels: liberals and progressives.

“After almost 25 years in the news business, you know who is the most easily offended and the least tolerant: Liberals and progressive – because many of them don’t really want to hear anyone else’s opinion but their own,” Lemon said. “Here’s a tip, if you only agree with people who hold your same political affiliation or who are of your particular race, gender or ethnicity, you are part of the political correctness run amuck problem. You are actually thwarting progress instead of advancing.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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