Ann Coulter on Immigration: ‘We Have Our Own Poor People to Take Care of’


Ann Coulter, speaking as a guest on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Friday, discussed her book “Adios, America.”

Coulter acknowledged that immigration before Teddy Kennedy’s immigration act was helpful to the U.S. because they were educated and were able to earn incomes, while immigrants since then have been less educated and immediately need welfare, which puts the U.S. in a tough situation because “we have our own poor people to take care of.”

“The pre-1970 immigrants were a whole different order of business from the post-1970 immigrants, and that was by design. Pre-1970 immigrants used to be more educated, buy more houses, had more incomes and 30% of them went home. Post Teddy Kennedy’s act in 1970, that’s when it really started to get under way, vastly more likely to collect welfare than American citizens. Why would any country bring in people who instantly need our help? We have our own poor people to take care of.”

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