Coulter: ‘Media Culture’ Doesn’t Want People To Think About Immigration

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter argued that the media ignores immigration because it doesn’t want people to think about the subject on Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

After Ingraham wondered why Coulter wasn’t getting “the usual media coverage” over her book, Coulter answered, “I do think it’s the topic.”

She continued, “The mainstream media isn’t wild about interviewing me any time, but more than most, the media, the left, the Republicans, and the Democrats, just don’t want Americans thinking about what they’re doing to the country. And, you see with immigration how much the media culture determines what people think about ,and what they form opinions on. You could walk into any bar and ask people for their opinion on gay marriage or Ferguson and everybody is going to have an opinion. But, most people don’t even think about immigration, until it comes to their town, and suddenly their taxes are going up and there’s no money for the high school Christmas pageant…all the money is going to immigrant services now. So, when it directly impacts your community, yeah, then people notice, which is why, basically, the rest of my tour will be entirely in California, which is what this entire country will be if something isn’t done about legal immigration. I mean, even Republicans, they have a silicone chip in their brain that seems to make them say, ‘Of course, we love legal immigration.’ No, no, other than my first chapter, which is about amnesty, because if that ever goes through, the country’s over within five years. That’s just the Damocles sword hanging above our heads, but all the cases I talk about, which are a lot of cases of child rape in particular, were bringing in very primitive cultures, and child rape cases that you’ll be shocked you didn’t know about—they’re hidden by the media.”

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