Coulter: Make It As Hard to Cross Border As It Was to Leave East Germany

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,”Ann Coulter advocated for a border fence that would make it “as hard to get into the United States as it used to get out of East Germany” and should adopt Israel’s policy on illegal immigration on Tuesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

After re-iterating her previous statement that “I’m offended” isn’t an argument regarding Donald Trump’s rhetoric on illegal immigration, Coulter argued “the alleged spokesmen for these — for the immigrants coming in. They’re the ones who are screwing the immigrants. They’re dumping more and more low-wage workers on the country to compete with the maids, and landscapers, and low-wage workers. They are hurting those people, who don’t particularly want more immigration.”

She then continued her previous criticisms of the media for not discussing both sides of the immigration debate.

Coulter then talked about what she’s looking in a presidential candidate, she stated, “Look, I’m calling for a ten year moratorium. And that isn’t just about Mexico, I want a moratorium on any immigrants. We have got to shut down the entire INS, clean it out, get all of these immigrant’s rights groups to go home. We need some time to dust our books off, assimilate the ones already here, build a triple-layer fence, which I agree, Trump could probably do it in a month, so that it’s as hard to get into the United States as it used to get out of East Germany. Most importantly, and people forget this a lot, shut down the anchor baby policy. … And then, when we start it back up again, yeah, go to something like Australia and New Zealand’s policy. It used to be that America could take basically anybody who could make it across the ocean…but we weren’t a welfare state then. … You can’t have an open borders, libertarian philosophy to immigration when your country is a welfare state.”

She later added, “My other idea is to put Israel on our border. Because they know how to protect a border. I want their policy on illegal immigration.”

Coulter concluded by discussing specific presidential candidates, while she praised Donald Trump for turning the discussion towards immigration, she said he probably won’t win the nomination. Coulter continued that she still likes Scott Walker, but has now started to consider Ted Cruz. She stated that while he’s “concerning,” on legal immigration, “he can evolve, and I’m favor of politicians evolving my my way.”

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