Tom Cotton: There Will Be ‘an Open Congressional Rebellion’ Against Iran Nuke Deal

On Monday’s “The Situation Room” on CNN, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said he anticipated the current Iran nuclear deal, at least as it stands according to media reports, will face stiff opposition from members of both chambers of Congress.

“Based on the direction of negotiations have taken in the last three months and some of the negotiations we’re hearing, I believe there will be. I think there will be an open congressional rebellion over the conception of giving Iran hundreds of billions of dollars,” Cotton said. “[I] just can’t imagine any United States Senator or Congressman voting to give Iran $100 billion or more in a signing bonus, and at the same time even opening the prospect of lifting the arms embargo.”

Cotton alluded to Iran past actions that have resulted in harm to U.S. servicemen in the Iraq and that the “outlaw regime” is still a state sponsor of terrorism.

“Remember why Iran’s money is frozen,” he continued. “They are an outlaw regime. They killed hundreds of American troops in Iraq, to include soldiers and Marines that were just out patrolling. They are still a force for instability in Iraq and Lebanon and Syria, and Yemen. They’re still the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism.”

“If Iran wants their money back and be treated like a normal nation, they need to act like it,” he added.

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