Bibi: Nuke Deal Inspections Like Telling a Dealer We’ll Be at Your Meth Lab in 24 Days

Wednesday on NPR’s Morning Edition Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the nuclear deal with Iran announced by the Obama administration on Tuesday guarantees Iran will become a nuclear state in a decade when the deal is over or whenever they cheat on the “completely porous” inspections.

“They are not only committed to destroy us,” he said. “They are not only committed to destroy us they are committed to destroy  the regimes around us and conquer the Middle East and go on from there for the rest of the world . Our policy is Iran won’t have a nuclear weapons to achieve that goal. And by the way I’m not alone here. Just about every Arab leader agrees with my assessment and therefore when Jews and Arabs agree on something I think it’s worth paying attention.”

Netanyahu continued, “Iran has in fact been given two paths to the bomb. One is if they cheat and the second is is they keep the deal. They win either way. The inspections that were placed to prevent them from cheating is woefully inadequate. It’s not that they have 24 hours to be inspected anytime anywhere, it’s that they 24 days to take their time. To see why they are being inspected. To be given the intelligence data on why the inspection is required. That is a long time. You can flush a lot of evidence down the toilet. That’s like like telling a drug dealer we are going to check your meth lab in 24 days. We put you on warning. And therefore I think these inspections are completely porous.”

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