Boxer Scolds GOP Senator: ‘I Just Don’t Like Lectures from Men’ About Pregnancy

Monday during the Planned Parenthood funding debate on the Senate floor, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) scolded Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) for telling the story of a friend who gave birth to a premature baby that weighed 14 ounces.

Lankford said, “Their child is now 14 pounds a year later and doing extremely well. That 14-ounce child is a child that everyone sees now, but that 14-ounce child is exactly what Planned Parenthood was harvesting, was turning in the womb so they could crush the head to be able to grab the organs to be able to sell. We, as a culture, have got to deal with this one simple reality. That child is important.”

Boxer countered, “I want to thank my friend for his generosity here, and I tell you, I’d really rather work with you on transportation. You know, I gave birth to two premature kids and I just don’t like lectures by men about what it’s like. And thank God, they made it. I’m pro-choice, and I just have to say using pregnancy as a political football doesn’t sit well with the people I represent and the people of this country. We have to respect one another. I respect your view entirely. I’m asking you to respect mine. Keep Uncle Sam out of my private life and my children’s and my grandkids’ and yours! Families will make these decisions with their god, with their doctor.”

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