Coulter: Trump Will Stay Strong ‘As Long As He Keeps Talking About Immigration’

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter argued GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will keep his support high “As long as he keeps talking about immigration” on Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor.”

Coulter said Trump can keep his lead up, “As long as he keeps talking about immigration. How many different ways can voters say, ‘Stop immigration’? They’ve done this for 30 years. That’s what the 2014 election was about. And as for, you know, conservatives coming to Washington, and then selling out the base, well, Rand Paul did, he was totally for Marco Rubio’s amnesty. It wasn’t until constituents ganged up on him and yelled at him that he finally withdrew, but then he said no, he really supports it. He refers to illegal aliens as undocumented citizens. If they want to undermine Trump, take his issue. Please, take it, Republicans. But they won’t. I’ve never seen something where it is the business interests, and the rich against the voters so much. And the voters keep saying, ‘We don’t want anymore immigration.’ That’s why Trump is so popular. So, pick it up, Republicans.”

Coulter also addressed the economy and national security after fellow guest former George W. Bush official Bradley Blakeman brought them up. She stated, “Okay, how about stop dumping 30 million poverty-stricken people on America to take low-wage jobs. Yeah, that’s fantastic for Mark [Zuckerberg], with all of his H-1B visas. It’s great for businesses who get all the cheap labor. It’s fantastic for the Democratic Party. You know who it’s really bad for? Low-wage American workers, and they’ve had it. Have you seen the black teenaged unemployment rate? Well, who’s taking those jobs? Immigrants, both legal and illegal are taking these. All these alleged job gains, they’re all going to immigrants, study after study has shown that. Let’s take national security, that — the one interesting moment of the debate, other than every time Donald Trump was speaking, was the fight between Chris Christie and Rand Paul about whether we are going to spy on ‘Americans,’ or need a warrant first. Well, here’s an idea, stop bringing in ‘Americans’ like [Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez], who shot up Chattanooga, like the immigrants who bombed the Boston Marathon, like the one that caused Rand Paul to filibuster, American Anwar al-Awlaki. Don’t make terrorists citizens through immigration, we’ll have a lot less of a national security problem.”

Coulter added, “I don’t understand this weird objection. ‘What’s he going to do? What are the policies? It’s just phrases.’ What? As opposed to, ‘I’m going to secure the border, but not with a fence because fences don’t work, and you can build a tunnel under a fence.’ No, he’s giving specific policies, and as for who’s going to be behind his campaign, I can tell you who won’t be behind it. It won’t be the Chamber of Commerce, it won’t be Wall Street, it won’t be Sheldon Adelson, it won’t be the people buying these politicians, and the voters hated what they’re buying. After the 2014 election, Republicans are just going pretend that Dave Brat didn’t happen, that that election was not about Obama’s executive amnesty? And they get to town, they fund Obama’s executive amnesty, and then give us a trade bill that the people hate. This is a Republican Party being run for the business interests in America, not for the people. This is why people are voting for Trump. And it doesn’t matter what he says, other than that.”

She also argued, “Everyone keeps saying, ‘Oh, well, Herman Cain was ahead in the polls, Michele Bachmann, and Howard Dean. No, no, no. I’ve been looking that up. They were maybe briefly ahead in one straw poll some place, or it was neck and neck with Romney, and everyone was so excited one of them would pull ahead for a week at three points ahead of Romney. This is incredible what Donald Trump is doing. He has an army behind him, and the fact that he’s not controlled by the Chamber of Commerce, I think most people are taking as an advantage, not a disadvantage.”

Coulter concluded, “Why other Republicans will not pick this up is the true baffling question.”

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