Fournier: Hillary’s Press Conference Was One of the Worst of All Time

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” National Journal senior political columnist Ron Fournier discussed Hillary Clinton’s attempt to address why she deleted the emails from her tenure of Secretary of State and wiping her server clean. He called it one of the worst press conferences he has ever seen.

Fournier said, “Where I grew up in Michigan, people have been left behind about it economy for three decades. People have been disgusted by politics for three or four decades. People have been lied to like they are being lied to here over and over again. People have been seeing their government officials play by rules that the rest of them don’t have. They’ve seen the media let them down. That’s why whether Donald Trump last two more weeks or two terms if he doesn’t turn this country around, if he doesn’t give this anger a positive outlet, it’s going to keep growing. And we’re going to either lead to a positive disruptor which is what Barack Obama promised to be in 2008—Barack Obama tapped into this in a very positive way– Or we’ll have something very negative.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough asked, “You followed the Clintons for 25-30 years, is that one of the worst press conferences you’ve seen them give?”

Fournier said, “Yes. You know what really shocked me was the difference between that and the best press conferences I saw her give in 1990. Bill Clinton was in danger of losing the Democratic nomination. He was under attack by a very moderate, very former cabinet official named Tom  McCray . Tom  McCray was having a news conference talking about what a bad Governor Clinton was. And also we hear on the marble steps of the hallway, click, click, click, and it’s Hillary Clinton coming in with a sheet of paper, all the positive things Tom  McCray had said about Bill Clinton and saying what you are doing? His campaign was over. Bill Clinton won the nomination.”

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