Fournier: Clinton Campaign Has Been ‘Holding Back the Truth and Deceiving Us’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” National Journal‘s Ron Fournier discussed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and criticized Clinton’s campaign saying, “They’ve been holding back the truth and deceiving us.”

Fournier said of the Clinton campaign, “They haven’t been telling us the truth. They’ve been holding back the truth and deceiving us. Look, we don’t know and may never know what was in the e-mails deleted and whether there was any original wrong doing on our behalf of secretary of state. We can assume there wasn’t wrong doing as far as all the rumors out there and that kind of thing. What we do know is it was bad government and against regulations, at least nine months in her term to have a covert server that took all of our e-mail out of the public domain. We do know that was an abrogation of the Freedom of Information Act, it went around congressional right and responsibility for oversight. And we know that the only reason we found out about that was because of a Congressional investigation.”

He continued, “This is all self-inflicted wounds and all stuff she put up, caused her own problem and I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for the poor Hillary Clinton campaign.”

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