Giuliani: Social Issues Making GOP Lose the Suburbs

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said in the general election the Republican Party needed to focus on the economy and national security and avoid the social issues, which he argued would cost the party politically.

Giuliani said, “I think the party will have to put the focus on the economy and national security. Keep the focus off social issues when we gets to a general election . Where it gets to social issues,  the people of my party might disagree with me, a lot of t he more more right wing  members of the party disagree with me. but I think that’s our soft under belly. And I look at it differently. That’s where we lose the suburbs. Forever and ever when I first stated in politics in New York we owned  Nassau county in New York. Reagen got his biggest plurality in Nassau county, bigger than Orange County. Today it is half Republican and half Democrat. Right now it’s Republican by  a point or two. Eight years before it was Democrat. Hasn’t voted for a Republican Presidential candidate probably since Bush, the first Bush. You look at Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. You look at the suburbs of Illinois those were all Republican they are now all 50/50.”

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