Watch: Katie Nolan Rips NFL Over Inconsistencies with Rules

On Wednesday’s “Garbage Time” on Fox Sports 1, host Katie Nolan reacted to the NFL fining Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Cam Heyward for wearing eyeblack honoring his late father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward.

Heyward wore the eyeblack during last week’s Monday Night Football game with the San Diego Chargers and was fined $5,787, and after continuing to wear the eyeblack the week after, he was set to face a $11,576 fine, but he met with NFL officials to come to an agreement to never wear the eyeblack again and his penalty would be reduced.

According to Nolan, the NFL has specific rules for players using excessive profanity or wearing non-approved socks or towels, because the NFL “is more concerned about what their players are wearing and how they’re wearing it unless they’re filming an interview in their locker room,” pointing to the incident with the NFL Network conducting an interview with naked Cincinnati Bengals players in the background.

Later, Nolan added that the NFL has such convoluted wording on what is a catch in the league and what is not, that now nobody knows what a catch actually is.

“Football shouldn’t be this confusing. The only time we should be this confused is when the Colts run whatever the hell that fake punt was on Sunday,” she concluded.

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