MSNBC’s David Corn on Ben Carson: ‘Serious Issues About His Faith’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” MSNBC analyst and Mother Jones DC editor David Corn called into question 2016 Republican presidential nomination contender Ben Carson for his faith, noting that he is a Seventh Day Adventist and said that particular denomination of Christianity raises questions about how he may govern should he be elected president of the United States.

“The full story here, which social conservatives have been hearing from him from years, and reading in the many books he’s written about, his own life over and over again, is that he basically transformed himself by becoming a devout believer,” Corn said. “His religion is Seventh Day Adventism. But he talks about turning to God and realizing there is something bigger than himself and that took care of his anger problem. And this just strikes a chord with social conservatives who like that sort of rags-to-riches, through God, story. Now, he is running on the basis that he has faith. And I think it’s going to open, you know, a big can here. Because, you know, he does come from a church that believes in end times, prophesies, and he’s said he believes in the church’s teachings.”

“And so I think if he’s running, as faith, as a qualification, which he is, then there should be, sensitively, some questions put to him, but what that means and what he takes from the church,” Corn continued. “And you know, we haven’t — Donald Trump has crudely tried to raise this as an issue, as Trump is wont to do with most things, but I do think there are serious issues here about his faith and how he intends to apply it, should he win control of the federal government.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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