Huckabee Takes Aim at Carson: ‘I Never Hit My Mom With A Hammer or Stabbed Anybody’


Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) took a dig at his opponent Dr. Ben Carson, who is under scrutiny amid the suggestion of discrepancies in the details of his past.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski asked, “So just curious, I mentioned Ben Carson because we’ve focused a lot on him this morning and some of the discrepancies that have come out of his memoir. I’m wondering if any of the books you’ve written were put under the same scrutiny, would they find voids and holes and does that matter in terms of character and honesty?”

Huckabee answered, “Well, Mika, I’ve written 12 books. I’m sure they’ve all been put under incredible scrutiny. And it’s not something that you don’t expect. You know that if you run for offices are you’re going to be put through the sausage grinder. I think the most surprising thing is — I’m not going to get into arguing what Ben did and didn’t do but the one thing that I heard him say that I was taken aback he said was that people have been looking into his personal life and they are going after him. I’m thinking pal you ain’t seen nothing yet. They have not yet come after your kids and the rest of your family and they will. This is part of the process. This ain’t bean bag, as we say. It is a brutal process. I’ve been through it for 26 years and life ain’t fair. I’m telling you. But I will go on record today and tell you this, Mika, I never hit my mother with a hammer and I never stabbed anybody. Never wrote about it either. so there you go. At least I’m out there on the record for that.”

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