Christie: China Will ‘See Cyberwarfare Like They Have Never Seen Before’ If They Attack US

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie vowed China will “see cyberwarfare like they have never seen before” if they commit cyberwarfare against US and he would fly Air Force One over China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea during Tuesday’s GOP undercard presidential debate on Fox Business Network.

Christie stated, “remember why we’re in the position we’re in with China, because an absolutely weak, and feckless foreign policy that was engineered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. That’s why we’re in the position we’re in, because, Trish, the Chinese don’t take us seriously, and why should they? Why should they? They hacked into the American government’s personnel file, and took millions of records, and cyberwarfare against this country. I’m one of the victims of that hack. They took my Social Security number. My fingerprints as a former United States attorney, that was on file in there, and what has this president done? Not one thing. Let me be really clear what I would do. If the Chinese commit cyberwarfare against us, they are going to see cyberwarfare like they have never seen before. And that is a closed society in China, where they’re hiding information from their own people. The information we take, we’ll make sure all the Chinese people see it. That’ll have some real fun in Beijing when we start showing them how they’re spending their money in China.”

He added, “I will tell you this, they’re building those artificial islands in the South China Sea, and the president won’t — up until recently, wouldn’t sail a ship within 12 miles, or fly a plane over it. I’ll tell you this, the first thing I’ll do with the Chinese is I’ll throw — I’ll fly Air Force One over those islands. They’ll know we mean business.

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