Paul: Trump Should be ‘Disqualified’ His Plans Would Require a ‘Religious Czar’ for Muslims

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said his opponent Donald Trump’s recent comments about a Muslim database and surveilling mosques, should be “disqualifying” for him to be president.

Paul said, “If you’re going to do surveillance to religious institutions, yes. I think surveillance has fairly throw threshold or individuals. I think the discussion should be, will we have surveillance, will we follow people who we think are a risk. That is a lower threshold than getting a search warrant. Yes, we should follow people who are at risk, should we talk to their neighbors and friends, should we talk to their imam. Sure all that have is legitimate but target mosques have database of Muslims? Absolutely not. I think that is reel lay disqualifying both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio to say we’ll close down every place that potentially has a discussion that might lead to extremism. That would require some sort of religious czar that I don’t thing is consistent with our freedom.”

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