George Will: Americans ‘Have Voted With Their Feet By Going To Gun Stores’


This week on the Fox News Sunday’s panel, The Washington Post’s George Will said despite President Barack Obama’s gun control push in the wake of mass shootings Americans have “voted with their feet by going to gun stores.”

Will said, “Leaving aside the fact that some of us think The New York Times editorializes on its front page daily, and leaving aside the fact that the last time they did it was in June 1920 when they deplored the nomination of Warren G. Harding who went onto win 60 percent of the popular vote. Leave that aside. When they talk about weapons of war, I think that most readers of that editorial and perhaps the authors of it think that the weapons in were what is called assault weapons, fire more than one bullet per pull of the trigger in a constant burst. Those are called machine guns. They’ve been illegal in this country since 1934. In fact the American people have shown by voting at polling booth for defenders of of the 1st Amendment… of the 2nd Amendment, but also, they have voted with their feet by going to gun stores. What they want is control of their own guns.”

He added, “This year on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, 185,000 Americans got background checks for firearms. That’s a one day record in this country. So the American people have made clear what they think about the 2nd Amendment and the usefulness of owning guns.”

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