Trump: Cruz Has ‘To Come a Long Way’ On Ethanol, He’s For Oil Because ‘Oil Pays Him a Lot of Money’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump argued that fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz has “got to come a long way” on ethanol, “because he’s right now for the oil” because “Oil pays him a lot of money. He’s got to be for oil, right?” during a speech in Iowa on Friday.

Trump said that “ethanol people” “do a fantastic job. And it’s so important. And it’s another form of, let’s stay away from OPEC, and let’s stay away from that Middle East stuff. It’s so important.”

He added, “actually, what I don’t understand, because the one guy that’s doing pretty good with me in Iowa is Ted Cruz. And he’s a nice guy. I mean, everything I say, he agrees with me. No matter what I say, I was going to do one really wild, but he agrees. But with the ethanol, really, it’s — he’s got to come a long way, because he’s right now for the oil. But I understand it. Oil pays him a lot of money. He’s got to be for oil, right? The oil companies give him a lot of money. So — but, I’m with you. I’m with everybody. Look, I’m self funding. I have no oil company. I have no special interest. I have no lobbyists that want me. And they’re representing countries that are ripping off the country. They’re representing companies that are ripping off our country. All I do is, I’m going to be working for you folks.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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