Attkisson: Mainstream Media is Forcing Their Opinion on Trump Down American’s Throat

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson said the mainstream media’s dislike of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling into question its ability to remain objective.

Host Howard Kurtz said, “So it’s almost like the left and the right are uniting against Trump and yet he’s still way ahead in the polls.”

Attkisson said, “So if there was any doubt about the disconnect that some people, when they watch the news, feel when they see the reality on the ground not portrayed really by anybody in the mainstream that they’re watching they know that they’re getting in some instances what I call false reality portrayed to them by agenda journalists who want you to think a certain way and rather reacting based on the facts and looking at what’s going on they react viscerally at statements they don’t like or people they don’t like. And they’re surrounded by others of like mind who encourage them and urge them on. And, there are now news organizations that encourage them to give opinions like they never did before so this whole dynamic is changing. And a lot of people may like that who watch the news but there is a large fraction of people who find that disgusting and it kinda proves the points they thought or suspected for a long time.”

She added the media is “forcing someone’s opinion down their throat rather than telling them the facts.”

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