Fiorina: Hillary Understanding of the Islamic State Threat ‘Delusional and Dangerous’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential Carly Fiorina lashed out at Democratic Party presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and claimed she does not understand the threat of ISIS.

Fiorina said, “We are nowhere near where we need to be. She does not have a strategy. She does not understand the nature of the threat, and once again, I guess, she is prepared to outsource our foreign policy to the United Nations. Hillary Clinton has been wrong about every single foreign policy challenge. She called Bashar al-Assad a positive reform and opened up an embassy. She lied to the American people about a purposeful terror attack in Libya, now ISIS is in Libya. Cheered when we withdrew our troops from Iraq.”

She added, “We have to keep Americans safe at home, and we have to deny ISIS territory abroad. We have to redo our visa system. We have to engage the private sector in an aggressive way because the terrorists moved on with the technology sector. Four and five generations of technology while Rubio and Cruz are arguing about the patriot act which us written 14 years ago. I would bring back the warrior class. The great general warriors of our generation. I would stand up an alliance of Arab allies prepared to fight with us. But not unless they see leadership and resolve. They have been asking us for specific support. I know most them. But let us start with the most fundamental thing of all. We need to understand the nature of the threat. When Hillary Clinton talks about gun control and climate change in the wake of San Bernardino, it’s delusional and dangerous. It’s why she must be defeated and I will defeat her.”

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