Hillary: ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Still Exists, Gives To Charity To Clear Their Consciences, Is Partly To Blame For Numbers

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” still exists, is at least partly to blame for her declining trustworthiness numbers, and gives to charity to clear their conscience at Wednesday’s Democratic Presidential Town Hall on CNN.

Hillary, in response to a question on whether she still believes in the “vast right-wing conspiracy” said, “Yeah. It’s gotten even better funded. You know, they’ve brought in some new multi-billionaires to pump the money in. And look, these guys play for keeps. They want to control our country. [Democratic presidential candidate] Senator [Bernie] Sanders (I-VT) and I agree on that completely. They want to rig the economy so they continue to get richer and richer. They could care less about income inequality. They [clear] their consciences by giving big money to philanthropy, and getting great pictures of them standing in front of whatever charity they donated to, but make no mistake, they want to destroy unions. They want to go after any economic interests that they don’t believe they can control. They want to destroy our balance of power. They want to go after our political system and fill it with people who will do their bidding.”

Later, when asked about her trustworthiness numbers, Hillary responded, “I acknowledge this, as personally painful as it is, when you have been subjected to the level, the velocity of attacks that come every day, even if there is no factual basis to it, it’s just normal for people to say, ‘Gosh, there’s got to be something, why do they keep saying this?'”

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