Ash Carter: Iran Is ‘Causing More Problems’ In Middle East, It’s ‘Large,’ ‘Long-Term’ Threat US Must Deter

Defense Secretary Ash Carter described Iran as a “large” threat that the US is in “a long-term situation” of deterrence with that is “causing more problems” in the Middle East during an interview set to air on Tuesday’s “Charlie Rose Show.”

During a discussion on the Middle East and the fight against ISIS, Carter stated, “[T]o the Russians and the Iranians, who are not contributing, or — and are actually causing more problems in the region, that’s going to come back and get them.”

In another part of the interview, Carter said Iran is a “large” threat to the US. He added that while the US isn’t expecting a war with Iran, the US is in “a long-term situation of having to deter them, by showing that any war that they do get in with the United States, they’re going to regret.”

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