Trump: ‘We’re Winning, Winning, Winning the Country’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enthusiastically declared his campaign to be a “winning” one in a speech after winning the Nevada Republican caucus on Tuesday.

Trump said, “You know, we weren’t expected a couple of months ago, we weren’t expected to win this one. You know that, right? We weren’t. Of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren’t expected to win too much. And now we’re winning winning winning the country. And soon the country is going to start winning winning winning.”

After touting his numbers in some of the upcoming primary states, Trump stated, “It’s going to be an amazing two months. We might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right?” Trump further predicted that he would inherit a lot of the votes of other candidates if they dropped out. Later on, he touted his numbers among Evangelicals, and winning among young voters, old voters, highly-educated, “poorly-educated” voters, and Hispanic voters.

After touting his support for the Second Amendment, he added, “Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States. We’re going to grab and grab and grab.”

Later, Trump said he would keep Guantanamo Bay open and “load it up with bad dudes” before turning to immigration.

Trump concluded, “We’re going to be the smart people. You’re going to be proud of your president, and you’re going to be even prouder of your country, OK?”

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