ESPN’s Le Batard: Exiled Cubans ‘Fear’ We Are Strengthening Cuba’s Government by Giving Them Money

ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard was a guest on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” Tuesday, and discussed President Barack Obama and Major League Baseball visiting Cuba. The son of Cuban immigrants wrote yesterday about how “heartbreaking” it is for Cuban Americans to see “America and Baseball celebrating themselves” in a place that has not changed since his parents both risked their lives to get out.

The host of “The Dan Le Batard Show” said his family and other exiled Cubans still do not trust the Cuban government, and they fear that the visit will only “strengthen” the Cuban government.

“My parents don’t trust this government. Right now we’re the ones giving and there hasn’t been given anything back,” Le Batard explained. “The argument would be this is the first step towards change, and maybe but we’ve got to hold them to it. The fear here in the Cuban exile community is, ‘Wait, are we really going to strengthen this government by giving them money?'”

He later added, “It’s heartbreaking, the idea of President Obama taking pictures with this regime who stole land and my parents’ roots.”

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