Hillary Threatens to ‘Slap a New Exit Tax’ on Companies Leaving U.S. to Avoid Taxes

Wednesday at a campaign rally in New York City, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton delivered a populist message to rallygoers in attendance.

Clinton threatened a “exit tax” on companies fleeing the United States for lower taxes and vowed to use those proceeds to reinvest in the communities left behind by those companies.

“Here’s how I see it,” she said. “We’ll make companies that ship jobs overseas give back the tax breaks they got here at home. And if they try to move their headquarters to a foreign country to skip out on that tax bills, we will slap a new exit tax on them. And then we’ll put that money to work in the communities and the people that were left behind. We can break down the barriers holding back the parents and families in this economy. Isn’t it time for quality affordable childcare, early childhood education, and paid family leave?”

(h/t Grabien)


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