House Homeland Chair McCaul: ‘ISIS Is Targeting Jewish Children’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX)  said a “covert counter-terrorism operation” is underway to stop a Islamic State (ISIS) attack in Turkey on Jewish children.

McCaul said, “You look what happened in Pakistan, 70 women and children killed in a park by terrorists and in Turkey, ISIS is targeting Jewish children at schools, sufficient enough to pull our servicemen and family members and diplomat family members to evacuate out of Turkey. The State Department is following that warning about travel to Turkey. The world is on fire.”

He continued, “Well, we have both a covert counter-terrorism operation in Turkey to try to — there is an active plot underway I should say, this is imminent threat. We had six operatives taken into custody. ISIS operatives from the caliphate who basically have been talking about this imminent threat and plotting it. So right now in Turkey what is underway is an attempt to stop this plot. This gives you insight into what the president is talking about—the sort of sinister nature of ISIS and terrorists and Taliban—they would go after little children and kill them in the name of their religion. I think it really shows you what we’re at war with right now. And why we need to win this war.”

He added, “The failed foreign policy—when you fail in foreign policy and national security, this is what you get. You get chaos and killings and ISIS now spreading throughout the region.”

Tuesday the Obama administration advised U.S. military officials , diplomats and families to leave Turkey and the State Department discouraged Americans from traveling to Turkey because of security fears.

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