Heilemann: Sanders Will Give Hillary ‘a Run for Her Money’ in New York State

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics managing editor John Heilemann, also the co-host of Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” told host Joe Scarborough that he did not think Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton had a lock on her home state of New York, for which she once served as its U.S. Senator.

“I do not believe she does [have a lock on New York], and I do not think the Clinton campaign thinks she does,” Heilemann said. “She will come in here as the frontrunner, without a doubt. She has a strong hold on a lot of constituancies that matter a lot in New York City. But Sanders will be a very strong candidate upstate, he will play well on Long Island, in both Brooklyn and Queens.  She will be the frontrunner — and likely so, she’s won statewide twice. But that was ten years ago, and Sanders I think will give her a run for her money, which is why Hillary Clinton has been here in New York and not in Wisconsin.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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