Le Batard: Manziel Has Hit ‘Rock Bottom’

Friday on ESPN Radio’s “Dan Le Batard Show,” host Dan Le Batard reacted to the report that free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel and his crew trashed a Los Angeles rental home. The real estate broker who found the damage also found obvious signs of drug usage on site, including “lines of suspicious white powder.”

Le Batard noted how this report went along with the report that Manziel’s agent Drew Rosenhaus dropping Manziel if he did not get help, saying this is “rock bottom” of hell for the quarterback.

“Drew Rosenhaus has fired Johnny Manziel and, not surprisingly, Drew Rosenhaus made a big public moral stand about firing Johnny Manziel after representing him for four seconds. Not surprising. You’re in a bad place– this is rock bottom. I want to announce it, when Drew Rosenhaus doesn’t want your money.” Le Batard said. “It is rock bottom. Drew Rosenhaus slinking away from you saying, ‘This is too dirty,’ that’s the bottom. When I say that’s the bottom, I say it’s the bottom of hell.”

He then added, “Basically here’s what you’re dealing with. We can say this at this point, can we not? This is junky behavior. It’s the behavior of a junky. Stealing stuff out of your mom’s purse. It’s pawn shopping your parents’ television because the latest report is that Manziel and friends trashed a rented house in Los Angeles. There were allegations of cocaine and mushrooms found there. you don’t see that very often at that position.”

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