Neil Cavuto: GOPers Refusing To Support Trump ‘Sounding Like Babies and Whiners,’ ‘Not Very Adult-Like’

Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto argued that Republicans who are saying they won’t support presumptive nominee Donald Trump “are all sounding like babies and whiners” and “not very adult-like” on Friday’s “Your World.”

Cavuto said, [relevant remarks being around 2:00] “I have no horse in this race. Donald trump doesn’t come on this show, hates me, whatever. That’s fine. … Now, what I’m saying though is, these guys are all sounding like babies and whiners. They didn’t win. I understand that. The type of candidate they wanted to win didn’t win. I understand that. But, he did get the overwhelming vote. He put this thing to bed and killed them all. So you might not like the consequences, but just to walk out and have a snit fit, no pun intended, sounds to me to be not very adult-like.”

He added, “I’m just saying, collectively, this is not a political statement, but he won. He won. Fair and square he won. Time to move on.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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