WaPo’s Milbank: America Has Taken ‘Ugly Turn’ Because of Trump

Wednesday on  Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank said America has taken an “ugly turn” because of the candidacy of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Milbank said, “Well look you can’t argue with the success of it. Clearly it worked. It worked far better than anybody, I assume even he suspected it would. Now it’s had a lot of collateral damage along the way in terms of coursing the political debate even more. I was just noting yesterday how we’re just getting used to printing words in the Washington Post that we never did before, but that’s because they’re constantly coming out of the presidential campaign. A lot of that had to do with Donald Trump. You and I have been through before the various other ways I believe in which he has really made things take a rather ugly turn here in America, but you now, if you’re just looking at the mechanics of it and how successful he’s been there, you certainly can’t argue with it.”

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