Seattle Woman Told to Change Clothes or Find a New Airline

A Seattle, WA burlesque dancer says she was stripped of her dignity when an airline told her to change her clothes or find a new flight, according to a KOMO News report.

The dancer, whose stage name is Maggie McMuffin, says she was on a JetBlue flight when an airline worker told her the pilot found her shorts inappropriate.

McMuffin said it was her only outfit, but she says she offered a compromise.

“I could tie a sweater around my waist,” she said. “I could get a blanket from you guys, and they said, ‘If you don’t change your clothes, you’re not going to be able to board this flight.'”

A JetBlue spokesperson later said, “Our contract of carriage allows JetBlue to deny boarding to any customer whose clothing may be offensive to the viewing public. We support our crew members’ discretion to make these difficult decisions.”

According to McMuffin, JetBlue offered to rebook her flight, but she ran through the terminal to purchase another pair of shorts to catch the original flight.

She feels disrespected for her experience.

“I would say body shaming and slut shaming more than outright sexism, but it is really hard to remove those two things from misogyny,” McMuffin told KOMO.

The airline offered an apology and a $162 flight credit, but McMuffin wants the airline to offer sensitivity training to its pilots. She also thinks JetBlue should be more clear with its customer expectations.

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