maggie mcmuffin

Seattle Woman Told to Change Clothes or Find a New Airline

A Seattle, WA burlesque dancer says she was stripped of her dignity when an airline told her to change her clothes or find a new flight, according to a KOMO News report. The dancer, whose stage name is Maggie McMuffin,

JetBlue (Stephan Savoia / Associated Press)

Flight Attendant Flees Security Screening, Leaves Behind 70 Pounds of Cocaine

A JetBlue flight attendant traveling from Los Angeles International Airport last week fled after being subjected to a random security screening, allegedly leaving behind two carry-on suitcases with nearly 70 pounds of cocaine — and her designer shoes. Federal authorities are still

Cat Suitcase (liz west / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Cat Goes Through X-Ray Machine in Checked Bag at LAX

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Airport reportedly lost their cool when a JetBlue passenger sent his pet cat through the x-ray machine on Wednesday, after stowing his furry feline in his checked bag.