Buchanan, Page Spar Over ‘Big Crybaby’ Trump ‘Telling the Media Where to Go’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” while the panel was discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s press conference last week detailing the amount of money he donated to various veterans groups, columnist and editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune Clarence Page said Trump is “a big crybaby,” for complaining about the media.

Partial transcript as follows:

BUCHANAN: Trump’s all-out attack on the media this week and pulling it out, naming individuals, you really got a sense of real collective hostility on the part of the media in that conference where Trump — and Trump had a point. The guy raises 5.6 million bucks or whatever it is for the vets and he’s vetting all these things and it’s going slowly and they’re attacking the guy for something he did well.


PAGE: Because he didn’t turn over most of the money for after the media reporting there.

BUCHANAN: What are you knocking the guy for?

PAGE: Trump is a crybaby, Pat. He’s a big crybaby.

BUCHANAN: What is the media raised by $5.6 million.

PAGE: I do all this nice stuff for these veterans and the media give this bad coverage. Of course, it’s bad coverage.


PAGE: He said he’d raise $6 million and then he later, I never said, when he’s right on videotape.

BUCHANAN: He’s raised $5.5 million or something.

PAGE: He comes up with $4 million overnight after the news report comes out, and then he says I was going to do that anyway.

BUCHANAN: He came up with it, didn’t he?

PAGE: He’s a crybaby.

CLIFT: He came up with it when the glare of publicity was turned on him. And if you’re going to run for president, you release —


CLIFT: Excuse me, please. You release your income tax returns.

MCLAUGHLIN: I don’t know where this —

CLIFT: Every president in modern times has released their income tax returns. He has refused to do that. Is that media bias to keep on him for that?

BUCHANAN: No. Good for him, telling the media where to go.

PAGE: Yeah The Voters are going to tell him where to go.

MCLAUGHLIN: All right. Let me — let me quote some polls.

CLIFT: Well, good for the media telling him where to go.

PAGE: Thank you.

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