MSNBC’s Tur Compares Trump to Monty Python’s Black Knight

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” the reporter who has been covering the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Katy Tur, said Trump is in deep denial about the disapproval of Republican lawmakers with his rhetoric.

Tur said, “I think he’s arguing with everybody frankly because everyone is saying he needs to change up his act. We heard it on the capitol today. Senator John Cornyn said he doesn’t want to get asked about Trump until November 8. A number of, a third governor is saying they don’t plan on voting for him. A third Republican governor in a blue state. This is a big deal for the Republicans to not be able to coalesce around Donald Trump. He doesn’t want to hear it, from his own words. He believes he can do it on his own. It makes me think of the great Monty Python scene where the black knight is dueling with the other knight and he cuts off his arm and he cuts off his leg and the knight refuses to acknowledge he is bleeding out of his arms or his legs. He keeps calling it a flesh wound. He refuses to acknowledge the reality around him.”

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