Boyle: Mainstream Media ‘100 Percent Using’ Khan Family ‘for Their Political Goals’


Tuesday on “The Sean Hannity Show,” while discussing his reporting on the controversy over the back and forth between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the parents of fallen U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, Breitbart News editor Matthew Boyle said it is clear the mainstream media is “100 percent using these people for their political goals.”

Boyle said, “We can have two mutually exclusive things here. His son can be a hero—Captain Khan is absolutely a hero. The story of what he did when he died at the hands of a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004—all accounts are that he led people away from that danger and he absorbed the danger. I mean the guy is a hero, but that doesn’t mean also that Khizr Khan, his father, is not politically and financially and legally motivated here. What was shocking to me that the entire rest of the mainstream media—whether it be the New York Times and Washington Post, or CNN or any one of these outlets that has been overloaded with this whole narrative—none of them did any research into figuring out anything about this guy. He actually just deleted his website because what we did is looked up what it is he does for a living and what is his political motivation here?”

He continued, “Well it turns out that Khizr Khan is an immigration lawyer who specializes in bringing in wealthy investors that come in on the EB5 visa program that is fraught with corruption. Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the senate judiciary committee has exposed this corruption time and again. And this guy has a political and legal and financial motivation to be opposed to Donald Trump’s policy viewpoints. Because obviously Donald Trump is going to stop, at least temporarily, Muslim migration from the areas fraught with terrorism.”

He added, “What you have here —you politically motivated media that will do anything in their power to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House. They have come out of the closet. Sean, you and I have been saying this for years, that the mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrats. Now the mainstream media is showing America —we don’t have to tell America anymore—the mainstream media is showing through their behavior that they are in the tank for Hillary Clinton. And look, there was a Media Research Center study that came out yesterday that showed that the three major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, had this story of the Khizr Khan family up 50 times more, 50, 50—five-zero times more than the story of Pat Smith at the Republican National Convention. It’s clear they are political motivated, they are 100 percent using these people for their political goals.”

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