Watch: Clinton Campaign Manager Mook Defends Lack of Press Conferences

Amid rising concerns of the connections between the Clinton Foundation and her State Department, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook defended the lack of press conferences given by his candidate during the Wednesday edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Former George W. Bush communications chief Nicolle Wallace pressed Mook about Clinton’s lack of press conferences, despite Clinton’s “number one vulnerability” right now is being seen as dishonest and not trustworthy, asking why Clinton cannot be sat down and “take questions until there are no more questions to be answered.”

Mook responded that Clinton”has done over 300 interviews this year alone,” but Wallace interjected, “I know the difference between a three-minute, ground-ruled interview and a press conference, because I’ve put on a couple of each.”

“Why wouldn’t you put her out there to answer questions that she could certainly handle if your defense is true?” Wallace asked.

Mook repeated that Clinton has done over 300 interviews, as well as “takes questions in a variety of formats and we’re going to keep looking at that.”

“We’re considering everything every day. She’s been answering questions, she’s gonna continue to do that,” he later added after being pressed again about doing press conferences. “I think all we would ask is that people don’t cherry-pick, you know, 100-something meetings and then say that half of them were with Clinton Foundation donors at the exclusion of 1,700 other meetings.”

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