Pence on U.S.-Mexico Relationship: ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) discussed his running mate Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico and forthcoming policy on immigration in Phoenix.

Pence highlighted what Trump’s aims were and touted his leadership skills, but also emphasized that he was acting in the interest of the United States.

“Where the American people are focused now is on security, on getting this economy moving again, ending the flood of illegal immigration, upholding our Constitution and really making sure we have the highest standards of ethics in the highest office in the land,” Pence said. “I think what people will see tonight in the broad shouldered leadership of Donald Trump in that speech is — is — is the kind of leadership that speaks to all of that.  But I’ve got to tell you, I’m just really proud. I’m really proud to stand with this man and to see what a decisive leader he is. Here he gets an invitation late in the week from the president of our neighbor to the south and it would’ve been very easy to say let’s get together, let’s talk for days and days and figure out how to make this happen.”

“Donald Trump is someone that says we got an invitation, we got an opportunity, lets drop what we’re doing,” he continued. “He’s going to go and sit down and begin a relationship that I truly do believe is going to be in the interest of the United States of America. And we’re going to — we’re going to make clear, we’re going to put America first. But you know, there’s an old saying in Indiana that good fences make good neighbors. And the way we can be good neighbors is with strong leadership in the United States as a start.”

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