Scarborough on Hillary ‘Deplorables’ Remarks: ‘Strategic,’ ‘May Actually Be on to Something’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough suggested that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s remarks regarding her opponent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s being a “basket of deplorable” may have some truth to it.

According to Scarborough, Clinton’s comments might have been a purposeful strategy and explained why he thought so, citing polling data about what Trump supporters believe.

“I said this at the end of the day could be strategic,” Scarborough said. “Trump always does this – he makes a controversial statement, right? It’s everybody talking about Trump. And it usually gets people talking about Trump on his territory. And so after Paris, he’ll say something outrageous – Barack Obama may have known something about this. Everybody is outraged. But people are saying, but you’re talking about terrorism for a week or two. And he thinks that’s his strong suit.”

Here she says, half of the supporters are deplorable, and she apologizes, but she doesn’t really apologize,” he continued. “People keep talking about it. And what it forces everybody to do is to talk about it and let’s look at who is supporting Donald Trump. And we have the poll from yesterday and the poll from yesterday showed certainly the last time these sort of polls were taken in the primaries, Mike, it shows an outrageously high number of Trump supporters support a Muslim ban, support a national database.”

“If you are a Muslim, you have to check in, I guess, I don’t know instead of the Star of David maybe they put another patch on you,” Scarborough added. “An outrageous number actually said they wanted to make Islam illegal in the United States. You can call that a lot of things, OK? I call it deplorable that you want to ban a religion from the United States because you don’t understand it. So, I think Hillary Clinton, if this debate continues, and Donald Trump keeps doing this, may actually be on to something.”

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