Sen Angus King: ‘My Concern Is That the Next Pearl Harbor Could Be Cyber’

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) discussed the threat from abroad to the United States that comes in the form of cyber attacks.

King told CNN’s Chris Cuomo the next “Pearl Harbor” may come in the form of a cyber attack and any such response has to be calibrated.

“[W]e need, I call it a deterrence 2.0. We need some deterrence to other countries, if you mess around in our systems and our power systems, electric systems, natural gas — there are going to be consequences and there are going to be results. And I think Secretary Clinton was right about that. It’s got to be calibrated. You know, we can’t start World War III and cyber over some minor intrusion. But right now we are under cyber attack. There is no question. And my concern is that the next Pearl Harbor could be cyber.”

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