FS1’s Whitlock: LeBron, Serena Williams Are Spreading Black People’s Worst Enemy — Irrational Fear

Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock, co-host of “Speak for Yourself,” reacted to Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James’ comments about his fear of an encounter between his son and police, as well as tennis star Serena Williams saying she also feared for her nephew in a police encounter.

Whitlock said the two athletes “unintentionally fanned the flames of irrational fear,” which he called “the leading cause of misery” for African-Americans.

“If we want to demonize police, particularly white ones, by instances of violent misconduct, we will be in no position to defend ourselves when we’re judged by our misconduct,” Whitlock explained. “If it’s OK for Serena to drive by a cop and imagine the worst, is it OK for a white woman to drive by me and imagine the worst? For us, irrational fear is a weapon of mass self-destruction.”

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