Sheriff Babeu: Hillary Prioritizes Illegal Immigrants

Thursday on Fox New Channel’s “America’s Election HQ,” Pinal Co., AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is making “illegals and refugees” a priority and “not Americans.”

Babeu said, “I can tell you that Donald Trump was very clear as he always has been about a secure border, about this novel concept of enforcing the law for immigration, which is not happening now.  I think there is a clear difference with him making this a priority. Not just with illegal immigrants, or the drug cartels, but about ISIS—about a clear, obvious threat from terrorists coming across this unsecured border. Hillary Clinton is just the opposite.”

“You look at her website and anything she says, her whole public statements are about prioritizing not Americans, but illegals, refugees, talking about allowing them on a path to citizenship,” he continued. “She has literally leap frogged over Barack Obama who never said that, even though we believe that’s his intention. She’s actually said it. They are on a path to citizenship. No concern about stopping what has been going on for decades now with an unsecured border. We need to secure the border first and then we can have a reasonable discussion about what we do.”

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