Texas Police Officer Used CPR to Save Three-Year-Old Boy’s Life

Per a WREG report, Granbury, TX police officer Chase Miller responded to a 911 emergency call on October 12 of a three-year-old child became unresponsive.

“Yes ma’am my son … we’re at KFC and my son, he’s not breathing,” the father told the dispatcher.

Miller, who overheard the call while scanning through radio channels, took action when he realized he was close to the KFC.

Dashcam video shows Miller driving up and taking the limp boy’s body from the mother.

The officer then began CPR while the distraught parents watched.

After around three minutes of CPR, the boy, Brayden, was breathing again.

He was then rushed to a local hospital where he was treated and made a full recovery.

Tuesday, Granbury Mayor Nin Hulett presented Miller with a lifesaving award, and Brayden was there to greet him.

According to The Washington Post, Miller did not even tell his wife about saving the boy when he got home from work later that day.

Deputy Granbury Police Chief Jim Marshall said Miller  “doesn’t consider himself a hero.”

“We found out he didn’t even tell his wife about saving the child’s life when he got home that night. In his mind, he was just doing his job,” Marshall said.

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