Krauthammer: Dems Will Sell ‘Single-Payer Government System’ as Obamacare Fix

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” while discussing reports on the Affordable Care Act premiums being raised, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said Democrats will try to solve Obamacare’s insolvency with a “fully controlled, single-payer government system.”

Krauthammer said, “That’s the rational thing to do is not to join. It was constructed from the beginning as a way to transfer money from the healthy young to the older sick. With a promise that somehow it’s not going to cost anybody anything. The young have made the right decision, the rational decision of not joining in, which makes the risk pool, the ratio of the sick to the healthy completely out of whack, which was utterly predictable and predicted. As a result, it is becoming insolvent. As a result, in the majority of the states the big insurers are pulling out because it is bankrupting them. And when the Democrats talk about a fix, the essence of the fix is, you pour in tax money.”

He added, “They’re going to have to increase the subsidies. They’re going to have to lower the level at which you receive the subsidies. This is all to make this a transition to a fully controlled, single-payer government system, which is what Obama and the others dreamed about at the beginning. Whether it was intended or not, that’s the only way to go, because it’s utterly insolvent and structurally contradictory. That’s what the Democrats are going to sell as a fix. And I don’t think anybody should buy it.”

(h/t National Review)

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