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Rep. McCaul: Clinton Could Face Impeachment If Elected


Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,”  Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could be impeached if she is elected president November 8.

McCaul said, “Well that’s something that I have been talking about that hasn’t been mentioned very much and that is this investigation will continue whether she wins or not. But assuming she wins and the investigation comes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the Constitution, the House of Representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. It would go to the Senate and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place.”

“The last time that I can recall when this happened was Richard Nixon who was impeached and resigned before he would have been voted to be removed from office,” he added. “And remember Gerald Ford pardoned him from any criminal wrongdoing. I would hate to see this country thrown into a Constitutional crisis because Hillary Clinton’s behavior.”

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