Chuck Todd: The Clintons Are ‘Being Wiped Off the Map In Democratic Politics’

On Wednesday’s “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd stated that it appears “Clintons are quietly being wiped off the map in Democratic politics,” and they’ve “kind of evaporated in the past week.”

Todd said that it’s as if Hillary “just disappeared. The Clintons, who, for better or worse have dominated much of the air supply in the Democratic Party for the past, oh, 30 years, have kind of evaporated in the past week. It’s not just that there’s very little public criticism of Clinton in Washington circles, it’s also that there’s not really anyone rallying around her either. You’re not sort of seeing either response post-election, not a heavy amount of blame nor any rallying around her popular vote.”

He added, “[I]t seems like the Clintons are quietly being wiped off the map in Democratic politics, but instead of being done in a very public way, sort of an excommunication a la Dukakis or Carter. It’s just quiet.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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